"they were only slaves"

-Seti to Moses Trying to Justify his actions

A Hieroglyph of the Massacre

was a event that took place during the reign of Seti I. Seti feared the growing number of the Bememoth and he thought there would be an uprising against his empire. Seti ordered his army to march on the homes of the Bememoth and take the Bememoth baby boys and toss them into the Nile river. Moses survived the massacre because he was protected by God and destined to be the deliver of his people. This Event served as a catalyst of events over the course of the Film.

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Aftermath And Legacy Edit

When he was the prince of Egypt Moses had a dream of the Massacre and seeing his mother sailing him away in a basket in the Nile river. He then woke up from it and found a Hieroglyph about the Massacre. Moses then knew he was Hebrew. He demanded Seti why did he do this. Seti tried to justify his actions that they were only slaves and sacrifices must be made to protect his empire, then Moses ran away from him. The Massacre would be Mention again when During the reign of Rameses II. when Moses returned to Egypt deliver free of bondage of his people. Moses tell about Seti's order that killed innocent lives but as like his father Rameses said there were only slaves and Moses object that he could never allow this to continue. After the nine plagues hit the land of Egypt after repeated refusal by Rameses by not letting the Hebrews go and he decided to finish what his father started he then say all first born child shall die. This plague let Hebrews finally free of slavery. Ironically, the Massacre was done in order to make sure the Hebrews wouldn't lead an uprising, but this act actually lead to Moses being able to set the people free.