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Welcome to The Prince of Egypt!

Learn about the characters that lived during one of the most famous periods in history. All people, regardless of nationality or religion, have benifited from the story of Moses and the Exodus. This page is dedicated to the DreamWorks Animated film, The Prince of Egypt.

Words of WisdomEdit

The Prince of Egypt is a religious story made from the account of Exodus in the Bible. It is the story of Moses, a Hebrew, being saved from being thrown into the Nile River (that was ordered by Pharaoh Seti in case the Hebrews became to numerous and tried to overthrow the Egytians) by his mother Jocheved and raised by Pharaoh Seti's daughter and raised as a price with his foster brother Rameses, the son of the Pharaoh and the heir to Egypt's throne. ffggytyugykgykghhvbvvbvvv and leaves Ramose II as pharaoh. The journey of Moses' life just begins again.

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